Sunday, August 22, 2010

Heart These Tough Guys!!

ALERT: Some contents of this posting may cause discomfort.

I'm hardly goin anywhere here. So, I watch tv ay-lot. Ef-double u-i, I had watched all the dvds I brought from Surabaya, so I'm out of dvds to watch. Help meh.

Got no other choice, yes. I spend almost my entire day watching tv! Aaaand, you know what? I don't watch MTV, channel V, HBO, Starworld, disney channel and aaaall those fun-entertaining channels. I prefer to watch National Geographic channel and Discovery channel instead. Stop gawking! Hahaa. And these two guys are my favorite part!

Bear Grylls

This man is so cool (kas)! Hehee, no, seriously! He's just amazing. And as you can see he's such a cutie! I love his show Man vs Wild on Discovery channel where Grylls was dropped into inhospitable places, like desert, savanah, woods, showing viewers how to survive. He didn't bring any food nor water with him. Only a knife, rope, compass, and sometimes a tent. To survive he'll do anything. He'd eat raw frog, fish, bugs, and, oh my dear Lord, he frequently ate them alive. Yeah can't blame him tho, he never brought stove, he even didn't bring any matches! And when he's thirsty, he drank urine saved in rattlesnake skin, only if he failed to find some water to drink, thank God. I know you're now speechless hahahaa. Sure he's a survivor.

And he also did supacool stunts like parachuting and climbing cliffs. I once watched him climbing cliff with bare hands, no safety equipment. That is just WAY too cool. God I adore him!

Diego Bunuel

From the look department, oh yeah he's just fine. Go make a list of what he's got. I mean take look at his manly posture! Or that lil-scruffy face! Gosh. Yes, he's definitely fine I'd easily fall for him. But you gotta add these to your already long list. He's a war journalist. He'd been to Bosnia, Afganishtan while US intervention in 2001, Kuwait, Iraq, Second Congo War, 2004 tsunami in Banda Aceh Indonesia, and Yasser Arafat's funeral. Simply in my eyes, he just looks several degrees hotter. And he is currently hosting and directing Don't Tell My Mother on NatGeo. Not to mention his sexy husky voice hmmmm.

Oh boy. Where can I get one like 'em here?? :P

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