Saturday, December 19, 2009

no one

Hmmm. I think I’ve already told ya why I lost my passion to write. And you know what, my life has been even worse than the last time I wrote.

Have you ever been lonely? Alone? Yes, I am sure you all have. And that’s what happened to me. I am alone. I mean alone alone. There’s no one. NO ONE.

I’ll tell you how it happened.

I have these three incredible bestfriends. They were busy, preoccupied with their own businesses. No, I don’t blame them. Oh no, I don’t. When these three girls got busy, I used to have somebody else to be with so I don’t get lonely. Just my luck, all the people I know were busy. ALL OF THEM. At the very same time. I called anyone I know, I texted them, I instant messaging them but no one responded.

Can you imagine how that would feel? I don’t think I can describe it in words. I was lost. I was in my lowest point (I am still now). And no one came to help. I had screamed out for help but no one heard me.

Like I said, I don’t blame anyone. I think it’s my own fault. I’m weak. Too weak. I should’ve been stronger than this. But I can’t. I’ve tried but I failed. In fact, I am not that strong. I am just a weak, useless, pathetic shit. Yeah that’s me.

Now you see my point. I write shit when I feel like shit.