Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Surabaya and Zac Efron

Hari ini terpaksa kembali ke kota penuh perjuangan:


But my mood is gradually getting better. Yeahh I'm now wating for the triple bestfriends of mine. I reaaaally really hope I can see them tonite! Have been missing them much much muchhh since I left surabaya last january. And I'm having another plan to see another old friend of mine hahaha. She was one of my bff in highschool!! Well, I will not expect too much from these plans, because I'm afraid they're gonna be end up just like my other plans: fail. Hahahahaa.

On the lighter note, I've just realized how hot Zac Efron could be! Yes, that Zac Efron. From the High School Musical. He looked so gay in that movie! But now, he had been transformed into a brand new Brad Pitt. Need proof? 


I wanna be Vanesa Hudgens.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Family Sweet Family

Home sweet home, yes? Hmmm. But I think family sweet family is the proper phrase.

Selama kuliah di Surabaya, apalagi kalo lagi musim-musimnya banyak tugas, ujian, dan paling parah kalo barengan dengan musim belom dikirimin uang, pasti akan dengan sangat ampuh membuatku kangen setengah mati sama rumah.

Persis seperti bulan Januari kemarin. Ujian 2 minggu tiada henti. Begadang setiap malam. Harus menghapal ratusan lembar diktat. Harus bertahan dalam prinsip dan pilihan. Ujian selesai bukan berarti penderitaan juga selesai. Masih ada 2 minggu full penuh rasa tidak tenang dan mimpi buruk, yaitu 2 minggu masa menunggu nilai ujian keluar. Kepala rasanya seperti digantung. Pengumuman via internet algojonya. Siap-siap aja kalo ngeliat nilai D/E bakalan kehilangan kepala.

And I don't dramatized that, really! It literally felt like that, exactly like that.

Dan begitu akhirnya bisa pulang, rasanya bahagiaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahaa. Rumah, makanan, tv kabel siap menyambut. Libur libur libur! Rasanya kepingin nyanyi sepanjang jalan saking bahagianya!

Sehari dua hari dihabiskan makan-tidur-nonton tv-online. Mandi kadang-kadang. Dan begitu juga hari berikutnya. Berikutnya. Dan berikutnya lagi. If boredom could kill, I could've been dead.

Mom and dad are extremely busy all the time. Especially mom. She works so hard.

Dan balik lagi ke ungkapan di atas. Rumah jadi tidak terasa rumah tanpa mama. Buat apa pulang ke rumah kalau cuma buat ditinggal kerja terus-terusan? Home means nothing without her.

 But I can't even say a word. She works for the whole family. She works her ass off for me. Hah now what I can say? Ugh I just want... Well I don't know what I want.

Geez what am I thinking?? Why I waste my time feeling so miserable while I'm home, I'm perfectly healthy, I mean look at those Haiti's survivors! I'm so blessed to be here, to be me. I've been a bitch.

Yeah all in all, I am off course happy to be home. There's nowhere else better than home. But like I said, it doesn't matter where you're at because aywhere could be a home if your family is around.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pergeseran Fungsi Twitter

 What's on my mind since not a very long time ago

Setauku, twitter itu suatu social networking dan sekaligus media microblogging. Dulu, sewaktu twitter belum setenar sekarang, fungsi twitter hampir murni untuk microblogging. Tapi semakin banyak artis yang membuat account twitter, juga banyak orang lain yang ikut bergabung demi alasan biar gaul hehehee. I made a twitter account because dita, a bestfriend of mine, had made twitter looked so damn good to me. And then, bam, I made one, hahahaa.

Nah, sekarang masalahnya adalah orang-orang menjadikan twitter some kinda instant messenger. Orang-orang mengobrol dengan twitter memakai feature retweet (RT). Kalau satu-dua orang yang ngobrol di twitter pake RT sih, masih gapapa. Tapi kalau public timeline isinya sudah kebanyakan obrolan orang dengan entah siapa memakai RT, well, to be honest, it's driving me crazy.

Mengganggu banget harus terpaksa melihat tumpukan obrolan RT orang-orang dengan siapa entahlah yang tidak dikenal. Simplest solution? Unfollow. Yah tapi sayangnya di kehidupan nyata ga segampang itu. Kalau artis mah ga bakalan sadar juga dia kalau di-unfollow. Kalau temen sendiri, ga bisa juga.  Bisa-bisa yang di-unfollow malah salah paham dan sakit hati.

Well, life changes man, so does twitter. Sepertinya bagi orang-orang seperti aku, yang terganggu dengan pergeseran fungsi twitter, cuma ada satu solusi aman: pasrah. Hahahahaa. Skip and scroll aja lah kalo ngeliat hal-hal yang tidak diinginkan hehee.

Rock on, people!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lady Gaga barbie-doll look

Whew. Lady Gaga always dressed shockingly. But this one, I think it's beautiful. Well, than the awful horrible quirkie outfits she usually wore.

Beautiful, isn't it? And the yellow highlight is kinda cute :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

must-watch movies in 2010

These are the movies I wanna watch in 2010:

1. Alice in Wonderland (March 5)

Yes, of course Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are the the ultimate things in this movie. Without them, I think I wouldn't have put this movie in this list :-)

2. Remember Me (March 12)

Yeahh you got that right hahaa. The only reason I wanna watch this movie is because of Mr. Gorgeous Robert Pattinson. But I don't really like this Emily. Or is it Emile? Don't really care, actually :p

3. The Runaways (March 19)

Yeah yeah I know. It's just because Kristen Stewart is starring this movie. And I'm excited to see Dakota Fanning, too! But what I've heard so far is this movie is limited released. Anyone please tell me?

4. Iron Man 2 (May 7)

The previous movie, Iron Man, was pretty interesting. And I'm looking forward for Robert Downey Jr's act for sure!

5. Shrek Forever After (May 21)

I don't really like the third movie tho. I don't think this fourth will beat Up, but well, we'll see about that :-)

6. Prince of Persia (May 28)

To be honest guys, I was impressed by the poster. Jake Gyllenhaal looked damned hot yeahh in the poster. Yes, movie posters do have some certain special effects, apparently.

7. Sex and The City 2 (May 28)

I think the previous movie, The Sex and The City The movie, was average. Nothing special about it. But still. I wanna know what will happen to these four women. Ha, who doesn't?

8. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (June 30)

This is definitely is a must-watch-movie. I wouldn't miss it for the world. No, I would not.

9. The Last Airbender (July 2)

I still cannot believe they made Jackson Rathbone to play as Sokka!! Unbelieveable! And they wanted Dev Patel to play as Zuko?? Are they lost their mind? Uh -uh, I'm not being racist here. Just look at them (Jackson and Dev)! They should switch their role.

10. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1

The seventh book is the best part of this book series. I hope the director and the stars won't ruin it.

Hmmm. So, do you think I better make an m-tix account or not?

Home Fatty Home

I am currently at home, yes HOME. Hahaa.

And I have a serious massive problem: I can't stop eating. The thing is, I'm stuck in the house, I have nothing to do, mom is extremely busy all the time. And what do we do when we're locked in a house with nothing to do? Yes, eating, indeed.

And the worst part is: the maid always supplies the house with various food and they're delicious.

Save me. Please.