Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Catcher In The Rye

I finally finished reading The Catcher In The Rye!! God that book such a royal pain in the ass, hahaah!

Catcher In The Rye

Okay. I gotta admit that I didn't actually reading that book, to tell the truth I was more like skimming it (half skimming, half reading actually). What can I say? Ugh it bored me to death I couldn't stand to read its every line. Many reviews said that The Catcher In The Rye is about teenage rebellion. And naturally I was expecting some kind of adventurous gangster conflicts. Nuh-uh, not even close. I shouldn't have expected that.

The Catcher In The Rye mostly consists of Holden Caulfield internal chatter. Or his inane conversations with people he met. Holden Caulfield is a pessimistic, skeptical, cynical teenage boy, who always perceives the worst of everything surrounds him. The most unbearable part about this book is Holden's internal chatters when he complained and whined just about eeeeeverything. Which is like all the time. And which is almost the whole book. The one thing I like the most is Holden's sister, Phoebe.

And I was wondering, geez what's with all the fuss about this book?? Some say because it's a very inspiring book but maybe its popularity is partly because this book was read by some well-known murderers, like Mark Chapman. However, I don't really see why reading this book would urge you to kill someone but oh, what do I know.

Ah, nuff said about Holden. Now it's me time! I'm going to Jakarta this Thursday! Well, it's not like it's my first time going to the capital but it's going to be my first time flying on a plane! Hihihii I'm such a dorky girl from a small town. Wait! That's what I am! Hihihihi. That's okaay. There'll always be a first time for everything, riiite?

PS: I'm currently reading Divergent hihi.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Hot You Know Who

Damn I couldn't make it to buber. Did I jinx it because I got too excited about it? Ugh whatever. I am pretty upset actually.

Anyway. I was watching Fox Movies and they're playing Maid In Manhattan. And then the lead character showed up and I was like, "dayyum this guy's hot! Wait a sec, I know this guy! I've seen him before in some other movie which I couldn't remember what". Sooooo, I consulted my good friend google (ah, I do that a lot, you know, googling).

My jaw literally dropped when I found out who he was. He's Ralph Fiennes! The Lord Voldemort!! Oh my God! Tom Riddle really is freaking handsome, hahahh! I can't believe I didn't recognize him right away. Silly me!

PS: Still struggling to finish The Catcher In The Rye. Gosh I really think this book is boring. What's with all the fuss about this book?? Pfft.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Haruki Murakami 2nd Encounter: Norwegian Wood

I was starting to read The Catcher In The Rye when I suddenly didn't feel like it. It's maybe the font, I don't know, the first few lines just wasn't appealing to me. So, out of nowhere I decided to change tack and read Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood instead. I wasn't sure if it's a good idea because I really had it enough with twisted endings, but I took the risk and read it anyway.

To my surprise, I quite enjoyed it. I obiviously like it much more than The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I'm not sure if it's the book or it's me getting used to Murakami's style. The story is not as bizzare as The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle though the issue Norwegian Wood brings is a lot more gloomy. The story is rooted to suicidal. Uggh that's clearly not my most favorite topic in the whole world. As much as I never like sad-grim-gloomy-depressing story, it fascinated me so much I couldn't help but to keep turning the pages until the very last one.

How come a happy-ending-fairytales number one fan like me ended up liking such story? Well, maybe because its love story. Or maybe Murakami is really starting to get to me. Either way, it doesn't matter.

I like Toru Watanabe, I like his quite-stolid self, the way he talks, his point of view. But I don't like the troubled-depresssing-complicated Naoko. For the love of God, she's just so complex. On the contrary, I really like the blunt and lively Midori Kobayashi. She's like a gulp of fresh air, a cheering spark in this very grim story. I even laughed a few times reading her conversations with Toru. And trust me, laughing while reading Murakami's book is a rarity.

I was beginning to really like this book but then I reminded myself that this is Murakami after all. I have to prepare myself for the most twisted-puzzling ending. And it was the right decision. Ah, it's really too bad because it could've been a really beautiful story if only it ended a lil differently.

Anyway, Norwegian Wood did mention about The Catcher In The Rye once, so my interest in reading that book is somehow coming back. You just wait for me, Holden Caulfield!

Monday, August 13, 2012

I Should've Been Packing

Beberes kamar apa packing apa mandi apa nyemil? Lah ini malah ngeblog yaa hihi. Ngelist dulu deh.

1. Aku udah lewat ujian profesi Oral Medicine. Satu-satunya departemen yang rangkaian ujiannya menghabiskan waktu satu bulan. Seminggu jaga kamar terima, seminggu post test, seminggu ujian profesi tulis, seminggu ujian porfesi lisan. Mabok mabok dah tuh. Usahanya udah, tinggal doanya dibanyakin nihh huhu.

2. Aku akhirnya udah nonton The Dark Night Rises. Nontonnya udah dari minggu lalu kali yahh, lupa. Tapi males ngebahas di blog. Filmnya overall baguuuss. Tapi mungkin karena aku ga segera nonton atau emang aku expect too much sama film ini, jatohnya malah pas nonton aku jadi ga terlalu excited. Well, yang penting endingnya bahagia, alhamdulilaahh hahahaa. I don't need another twisted ending, thank goodness.

3. Besok insya Allah mudiiik! Wihuuuuuuuu syeneeng ihihihi. Dan aku kepingin dateng di buber di Jember. I miss my friends just too much! But I better be not get myself too excited. Too excited sama dengan high expectation sama dengan the risk of disappointment increased. Kan sedih kalo ternyata nanti aku tiba-tiba gabisa dateng huhuhuhu.

4. Daaaaan aku beli kaftan Syahrini lhoooh, warna putih, buat lebaran ahahahhahaa. Yahh tujuannya biar anggun gitu deh, mirip Syahrini. Gitu aku cobain, terus ngaca, ebuset, bukannya mirip Syahrini aku malah jadi mirip hantuuuuuu! Baju terusan putih, melambai gitu kan. Aku sampe takut sama bayanganku sendiri dikaca, apalagi kalo rambutku diurai aaaaaaaa seyeeemm.

5. Aku udah dapet Divergent - nya Veronica Roth dan The Catcher In The Rye buat my next reading mission. Sebenernya kalo The Cather In The Rye udah punya dari lama, tapi males baca karena kan keluaran tahun 1950-an, takut bahasa Inggrisnya susaaahh. Kan bahasa Inggrisku pas-pasan banget nih. Masih maju mundur mau mulai baca, masi lebih memilih baca ulang trilogi Fifty Shades hahahh.

6. Nahh, ada yang ngatain Fifty Shades itu thrash. Well, emang sihh ga bagus ceritanya. Membosankan malah. Aku suka baca ulang cuma karena mirip banget bangetan sama Twilight Saga. Aku suka cepet bosen kalo baca buku atau nonton film yang pure drama.

Daaammn, udah jam berapa iniii. Yah yaudah deh mandi dehhh huhuhuhuhu

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Manado And Makassar

Aku dan Della, lagi sama-sama ga puasa, lagi makan delivery McD.

D: Edgie udah berangkat ke Manado nih, Non. Manado tuh mananya Makassar sih?
A: *sambil ngunyah* Hemmm, Makassar tuh Ujung Pandang kan yah.
D: Terus Manado? Manado?
A: Manado tuh Sumatra apa Kalimantan yah, Del?
D: ... Non, itu di Sulawesiii!!

Hahahhahhahahaha maap yah deell, geografi aku minim banget nih hihii :D