Monday, January 26, 2009

at home!!


I’m home I’m home I’m home…!!!

I was jaded, and it’s a good thing to have your mom around when you’re out of shape.

I arrived in Jember at 2.30 am, and I set off for Malang the next ten hours. Mama ngajakin pergi jalan-jalan sekeluarga, minus papa, ke Taman Safari II slash Prigen. Geez, mom, I’m like 19 now, I don’t wanna see lion counting their fur. But I tagged along anyway.

Actually, it had been a lovely day, you know, spending time with the big family, even if my favourite cousins didn’t come with us. We had the custom tour…

Wow… I never know that tigers can be so damn gorgeous!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

stupid ebook

Well, I’m at dela’s rite now, having this traditional sleepover, since we never have it like since ten decades ago. They have to study because they’ll have a sort of remed tomorrow, while I’m not (thank God).

And now, I’m authentically in a good mood, very curious, but still, have this stupid whole in my heart. I just can’t ditch it awaaayy. I don’t know what to do and I even do not know why. Uggh.

But but but, as I said, I’m in a good shape rite now, I don’t wanna ruin it.

Okaaay. I think it’s time for a little confession now. Huumm. You know what, I think it’s a bad idea having the copy of breaking dawn ebook. I’ll NEVER EVERRR could hold that out. I’m definitely gonna read that foolish ebook, just as I was fooling around in my tiny little room. Bisa-bisanya aku berpikir kalo aku bakalan tahan tidak membaca bahkan mengintip isi ebook bodoh itu. Haha. Like I don’t know myself.

But it doesn’t matter now. I just can’t put that away. Aku nggak bakalan tahan digantungin sama Edward, there’s NO WAY I can stop reading that shit now. Another reason why I can’t put that thing away is becos it started HAPPILY, VEEERRYY HAPPILY, more than I thought, impossible for me to resist and now it’s like my heart’s bulging with complacence. Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaahh.

Okaay. My laptop is running its battery down. Edward, Bella, Bella’s baby/Jacob’s imprint, tunggu akuuuuuu!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

january 17th 20009- burned butt


My butt is burning..

I’ve been sitting for like two hours, and it burns my butt..

But it’s okay, I don’t mind. Becoz I’m sitting in front of an online computer,hahaa.

I wrote that my mood was pretty good yesterday, but it’s getting worst as the time goes by..

Well, I think I know why..

Did you ever feel want something sooooooo muucccchhh but you know, exactly, that you wont EVER have it?

I’m feeling it now..

Yeaahhh.. I’m tormented by that feeling, lately..

And it hurt me soooo bad..



Kemaren aku, dita, dela, inka, dede, sista, razak maen ke coban rondo. It’s a waterfall. I’s beautiful. It’s very verrryy cold, even for me, the penguin. And it hurt me.

I never imagine how big the impact for me. But yes, it’s big, huge, whatever. Yeah.


Why it’s happening to me??

Could You just pick someone else??pleaaaaseeeee???

Oke oke…

Enough complaining.. gosh, my butt’s still burning. Ups. Does that mean I’m complaining again? well, sorry..

Haduuuhh.. Ga sabar nunggu tanggal 31 dah. Breaking Dawn. Hope it will fix my heart. I really hope. Oke, aku ngaku deh, I really really reaaaaally hope it will fix my heart.

I feel so pathetic. And hopeless. Aaawwwww…

january, 16th 2009


The bloody hell UAS is oveeerrr… I watched twilight, again, yesterday and had a stupid nosebleed, ahahaaaa…


Can see that I’m in a pretty good mood today. Syududududuumm.

Hmmm.. Hari ini mau maen-maen ke WBL sama anak-anak. Got to go.

january, 7th 2009


Finally.. Nulis blog lagi.. Berhubung kosan still modemless, nulis di wordpad dulu de, abis itu diupload ke blogspot..

Heeeemm.. There's sooooo many things i wanted to write but bcos the modemless thing, so i just didn't have right mood to write. Contohnya tuh ya, about rain in surabaya. I think having rain in surabaya is like having snow in sahara, hahaah, so anggun.. But seriously, bisa turun ujan disurabaya tu termasuk salah satu anugerah. That was what i felt when i had my first rain in surabaya 2008. Heeeeemm.. Rain is yummy..

beyond hejo's window

outside my lovely prison

on my way to gm

But hey, it's like 2009 now.. And actually i'm having my final terms exams here,uurrgghh... Tapi tapi tapi tapiii.. i have other thing to tell.. ihihihiiii.. On the last first january, i watched movie, twilight. And all i can tell is OH-MY-GOD Edward Cullen is so damn deadly gorgeous, sexy, hot, dangerous, and temptiiiing... Ya ampun ya ampuun ya ampuuuun.....

And the side effect of watching him for the WHOLE 2 HOURS had impacted me, directly. I dont know, maybe i have a disorder or something bcos i really really cannot get him out of my head, at all.. I even sometimes felt like i miss him.. I mean, he's just a fiction character, he's not even real for God's sake..

Sebenernya, honestly, bukan cuma Edward Cullen yang bikin aku begitu (emang sih, Edward Cullen yang paling parah), banyak tokoh fiksi laen, harap digarisbawahi, "tokoh fiksi" laen yang makes me fly away.. Just like Inuyasha, Michael Moscovits, Tappei Eguchi, Tao Ming Se (hehe, jadi malu nii), Mo Fan, bla bla bla.. Tapi ya ampuuunn.. Semuanya tokoh fiksi!



For me, they're just real.. Maksudnya bukan bener-bener hidup didunia nyata, tapi hidup di dunia mereka sendiri, somewhere, tapi mereka tetep ada.. I know, it sounds... weird? crazy? Whatever..

I love those fiction characters more than the real characters.. Aku suka Torres, dia ganteng-lucu-slurpslurp banget, tapi aku lebih cinta Inuyasha daripada Torres.. Aku mimisan kalo ngeliat Robbert Pattinson, but it’s Edward Cullen whom i’m in love with. Cuma ada satu orang-nyata yang bisa menyamai kecintaanku sama Edward Cullen, cant tell his name, but let's just call him you-know-who (tapi jangan ngebayangin Lord Voldemort!). With his wide back, happy-mischievous-childish eyes, he's oh soooo... unspeakable..

Walaupun lo-tau-siapa orang yang hidup nyata, bener-bener ada, but for me he's like living in the fairytale land, neighbouring with Edward.. Ironic it is.. He's the only man, so far, yang sanggup membuat aku ga bisa ngeliat matanya kalo lagi ngomong, langsung dagdigdug parah, sesek napas, hiperemia, trus pingsan.. Hahah, ga sampe pingsan si, tapi hampir..

Oke oke, i wrote too much i think, earth is calling, got to back to the cruel reality.. Masih mesti belajar buat uas nii...Huhuhuuuwaaaaaaaaaahh..

Oia, langsung beli twilight+new moon begitu keluar dari 21 abis nonton twilight.. Terus tadi nyusul beli yang eclipse.. Hehee..