Thursday, January 22, 2009

stupid ebook

Well, I’m at dela’s rite now, having this traditional sleepover, since we never have it like since ten decades ago. They have to study because they’ll have a sort of remed tomorrow, while I’m not (thank God).

And now, I’m authentically in a good mood, very curious, but still, have this stupid whole in my heart. I just can’t ditch it awaaayy. I don’t know what to do and I even do not know why. Uggh.

But but but, as I said, I’m in a good shape rite now, I don’t wanna ruin it.

Okaaay. I think it’s time for a little confession now. Huumm. You know what, I think it’s a bad idea having the copy of breaking dawn ebook. I’ll NEVER EVERRR could hold that out. I’m definitely gonna read that foolish ebook, just as I was fooling around in my tiny little room. Bisa-bisanya aku berpikir kalo aku bakalan tahan tidak membaca bahkan mengintip isi ebook bodoh itu. Haha. Like I don’t know myself.

But it doesn’t matter now. I just can’t put that away. Aku nggak bakalan tahan digantungin sama Edward, there’s NO WAY I can stop reading that shit now. Another reason why I can’t put that thing away is becos it started HAPPILY, VEEERRYY HAPPILY, more than I thought, impossible for me to resist and now it’s like my heart’s bulging with complacence. Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaahh.

Okaay. My laptop is running its battery down. Edward, Bella, Bella’s baby/Jacob’s imprint, tunggu akuuuuuu!!!

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