Saturday, January 17, 2009

january 17th 20009- burned butt


My butt is burning..

I’ve been sitting for like two hours, and it burns my butt..

But it’s okay, I don’t mind. Becoz I’m sitting in front of an online computer,hahaa.

I wrote that my mood was pretty good yesterday, but it’s getting worst as the time goes by..

Well, I think I know why..

Did you ever feel want something sooooooo muucccchhh but you know, exactly, that you wont EVER have it?

I’m feeling it now..

Yeaahhh.. I’m tormented by that feeling, lately..

And it hurt me soooo bad..



Kemaren aku, dita, dela, inka, dede, sista, razak maen ke coban rondo. It’s a waterfall. I’s beautiful. It’s very verrryy cold, even for me, the penguin. And it hurt me.

I never imagine how big the impact for me. But yes, it’s big, huge, whatever. Yeah.


Why it’s happening to me??

Could You just pick someone else??pleaaaaseeeee???

Oke oke…

Enough complaining.. gosh, my butt’s still burning. Ups. Does that mean I’m complaining again? well, sorry..

Haduuuhh.. Ga sabar nunggu tanggal 31 dah. Breaking Dawn. Hope it will fix my heart. I really hope. Oke, aku ngaku deh, I really really reaaaaally hope it will fix my heart.

I feel so pathetic. And hopeless. Aaawwwww…

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