Friday, August 17, 2012

The Hot You Know Who

Damn I couldn't make it to buber. Did I jinx it because I got too excited about it? Ugh whatever. I am pretty upset actually.

Anyway. I was watching Fox Movies and they're playing Maid In Manhattan. And then the lead character showed up and I was like, "dayyum this guy's hot! Wait a sec, I know this guy! I've seen him before in some other movie which I couldn't remember what". Sooooo, I consulted my good friend google (ah, I do that a lot, you know, googling).

My jaw literally dropped when I found out who he was. He's Ralph Fiennes! The Lord Voldemort!! Oh my God! Tom Riddle really is freaking handsome, hahahh! I can't believe I didn't recognize him right away. Silly me!

PS: Still struggling to finish The Catcher In The Rye. Gosh I really think this book is boring. What's with all the fuss about this book?? Pfft.

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