Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Surabaya and Zac Efron

Hari ini terpaksa kembali ke kota penuh perjuangan:


But my mood is gradually getting better. Yeahh I'm now wating for the triple bestfriends of mine. I reaaaally really hope I can see them tonite! Have been missing them much much muchhh since I left surabaya last january. And I'm having another plan to see another old friend of mine hahaha. She was one of my bff in highschool!! Well, I will not expect too much from these plans, because I'm afraid they're gonna be end up just like my other plans: fail. Hahahahaa.

On the lighter note, I've just realized how hot Zac Efron could be! Yes, that Zac Efron. From the High School Musical. He looked so gay in that movie! But now, he had been transformed into a brand new Brad Pitt. Need proof? 


I wanna be Vanesa Hudgens.

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