Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Thought of The Skeptical Me

I think Boyce Venue is the male version of Sabrina. I like this song but that little lyric change is a bit rubbish. He changed the line "let's go all the way tonight, no regrets just love" into "let's talk all through the night, there's no need to rush". That is impossible. You see, I think there's no man will reject physical flirt. Ever. I know a quite number of men (the a-hole type, the sweet and cute type, the ordinary type) and none of them will ever resist that kind of temptation. Seperti kata seorang temanku dulu, "Cowok itu kalo dikasi cewek kaya kucing dikasi ikan asin. Ga bakalan nolak!". Gitu katanya. Well, I think that's pretty normal tho.

But it's actually rather sad, you know, knowing that all those nice-and-love-us-just-the-way-we-are guys are only exist in the movie. Okay I guess this is the skeptical me talking :P Maybe I just never met that nice guy.

Ah, why taking it so seriously? It's just a song lyric, anyway.

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