Thursday, December 11, 2008


it feels like i havent been writing for years..

i had a very miserable life recently, you know..

LCD hape rusak..

flashdisk rusak..

and i dont even know where my money go.. it's like they just vanished..


and i'm dreadfully missing taking pictures.. then showw it off on my stupid blog.. but since my cellphone "heng-hong", all i can do is capture everything into my head..

i feeel soo weak, pathetic, and useless....

and guess what..tadi ada my little puppy pet di gubeng..hahahaaa...

all i felt was SHOCK..

I even couldnt si,berlebay..yang ada malah ngos-ngosan gara2 nepsong ngeliat muka gantengnyaaaa..

but but know wat?i dont feel better.. i mean, i like him verrryyyyyy very very muccchhh more than any puppy on the planet.. tapi begitu beneran ngeliat i just felt empty..

i dont knoww.. i still like him veeerrrryyyy muuuuuuuccchhhh... but i think.. i am happy enough to see him happy with her lovely girl rite noww..

you may think im crazyy..hahahahahaaaa..I AM..

whatever.. maybe i just have many things else in my head now..

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