Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i had a nice nice nice long weekend...bcoz you know why?i'm home...hohhooo..yeahhh..dont i smell like homey right now?hahaah..

well.its not as smooth as i said,but it's still a nice long weekend..my dad had a heavy cold which made him dizzy all the time..but hey, he's getting old now,you know,my dad..i think it's natural..

i went to the beach yesterday.. bcoz i have to go back to surabaya tomorrow morning and i cant spend the new year eve with the whole family, so my mom decided to have another new year while i'm still in jember.. yuupp.. you're rite.. tahun baru hijriah instead tahun baru masehi.. but it's still new year anyway.. hehee..

on the way to the beach, i saw a big white hill.. and my dad said it was gunung kapur.. huumm...

we had fun.. really..

my dad brought kite...

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