Thursday, October 13, 2011

Harry Potter? Never Gets Old

I love Harry Potter! Well, who doesn't?

1. I have three favorite charms. The first one, is the Patronus Charm. It's just cool how you cast out dementors (whom I think represents grief and sorrow) with your happy memories. My second favorite charm is Disarming Charm. It's simply because it's Harry's favorite, and Snape taught, unintentionally, it to him. And Harry used it to defeat Voldemort. Oh-some! And the third charm is the Summoning Charm. I'd reaaaaally love to master this charm. I believe it'd come in handy. Because, you know, I keep forgetting where I put things and if only I could master this charm all I have to do is Accio this or Accio that, and tada, here they are!

2. I haaaaaate Bellatrix Lestrange. But I can't deny that I love how Helena Bonham Carter portrayed her. I think she's the most convincing incarnation of the characters.

3. The place I wanna visit? Hogwarts, of course! What else? Hahaa. Or maybe Honeydukes will do the trick.

4. The food/drink I wanna taste? Butterbeer!

5. The character I hate the most: Rita Skeeter. Ugh God, I can't stand her.

6. The hottest actor: no, it's not you, Robert Pattz, sorry to disappoint you, baby! It's Rupert Grint! He's just so....... tall. He's somehow comical but hot at the same time!

7. And you know, I always wonder what would I see if I look into The Mirror of Erise. But I have no interest at all in what shape Boggart would take if I ever get the chance to meet one. No, thank you very much hahahaa.

Alrite. Goodnight, moon. You're a real beauty tonight. THIMH. SM.

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