Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I’m a chicken. And I hate my life.

My holiday is until 2nd march, actually it’s long enough for most people. Well, but not for me.

Something’s frightening me now. In fact, I never tought about that thing before, but since dita mentioned it, I’ve been thinking about it. A lot. And it starts freaking me out.

I’ll begin my 4th term soon after my holiday’s over. Dita said,” Well, this is it. We’ll start the hardest time in our college, clinic class.” It’s a simple sentence. It should means nothing to me. Out of my luck, it meant big thing to me.

It makes me don’t wanna end my holiday, I want my holiday lasts forever. Okay, I know. I’m a chicken, a pathetic one. But what can I do? Nothing, really.

I have to face it. Whether I’m ready or not. Ooh my. For now, I hate my life.

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mandhytaa said...

uwaaa nooonn... did i scare you that much? i'm sorry honeyy.. didn't mean to make u wanna bang ur head on the wall.. *don't! xD*
i'm sorry dorry morry stoberryy...
yahh jalanin aja deh sayangss.. kita juga bakal jalanin smua itu bareng2 koo.. don't make it harder sayangss, this life is hard enuff. jalanin aja dengan hati gembira.. ikhlas ajah gituu.. pasti dibalik semua ini akan ada sesuatu yang sangat indah koo.. hihiii. amiiin!
tsahh bahasakuu ga nahan bott! xD