Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tiny Little Me

Hey, how big do you think you are?

Maybe you’re tall, you’re large, you have everything you want, you’re just simply prefect. But I felt tiny.

It’s raining now, heavily. And now I’m having this thunderbolt backsound. And it got me thinking.

Have you ever imagined how big the world is? We’re, the human being, only the invisible spot on it. So powerless, feeble, and frequently, helpless.

Only in one Lord’s finger snap, everything may change. My life had been changed lately. Worse. And harder.

If Lord wants anything, I mean anything, to happen, well, what can we do to stop it? Nothing, really.

I’ll be willingly use up all of my energy for my family, my whole family. Recently, I barely think about anything else but my family. I also have a dream. My dream is I wanna see my family smile so widely, which I scarcely saw it these days, forever. Or i.e. happily ever after. And I want it so bad to be true. But there’s hardly something I can do to bring it into reality. I’ve been living in hope of Lord’s compassion to bring it into reality.

I’m so scared. The world seems extremely too big for me. Especially without my family around.

Oh, ya ampun. Aku baru sadar, aku lebih sering mengeluh, bersedih, bermuram durja di blog. My blog is deadly gloomy. Maybe I’m in the middle of dark life phase. Well, I think I am.

Dear God, please help me through this phase. I beg You.

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