Friday, April 2, 2010

Wish I'll Be Stronger Than Yesterday

I planned on writing this post on April 1st, but things came up and I just happened I didn't feel like to write. But hey, I am now officially:

Happy birthday to me! :)

There's nothing more I wanna say but alhamdulilah that I feel so fully blessed and loved.

I used to deem birthday as just a day. Nothing really special about it. And then I went to college and I'm on my own now. I had my first birthday in Surabaya a year or two year ago, can't remember hehee. And I received sooooooooo many Happy Birthday on facebook, text messages, and phone calls and it occured to me that congratulating a simple "happy birthday" could probably make somebody smile reaaaaaaaally wide.

So, never hesitate to go happy-birthday to a friend of yours if it's his/her day.

Happy long-weekend!

(OST of the day: Stronger - Britney Spears)

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