Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just Anything But Textbooks

So many books I wanna read, so little time. I'm reaaaally jealous of the people who always seem to have a time to read a book. You know, to read a book other than some dentistry textbooks which usually work as sleeping pills for me. Especially right now, when I suppose to read Carranza's periodontology textbook. For your information, it has over than one thousand pages. Ugh dear God. And of course I eventually neither read the textbook nor some entertaining one, but end up babbling here instead hahaa. So typically me.

If I write down a list of the things I wanna get for my birthday, I'm sure it'll mostly consist of books. The last book I bought was that Laskar Pelangi. Yeah I know, pathetic. But books are pretty pricey, particularly the imported ones. For my monthly budget has many priorities to concern about (harus menghidupi pasien, misalnya), I have to hold the urge to impulsively buy the books I wanna read.

It's my birthday next April. If you run out of ideas what to give me as a birthday present, here I'll give you a hint: I'll welcome any books happily :D

PS: Jadi inget salah satu bau favoritku diseluruh dunia: bau buku baru!

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