Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In Between The Hunger Games And Some Other Things

So. I caaaaaaaaan't help myself to write again hahaha. Of course. Very much predictable, indeed. Either it’s because I can’t not writing about The Hunger Games, or it’s just simply because I miss writing *shrugs*. To pour out what’s in my thick skull because somehow it soothes me, gives me time to rearrange scatterred things inside.

It The Hunger Games that ignited me. I already heard about the book since last year. But, nope, I didn't exactly have the time to spare to read it. But then koh arman organized this little quiz on his blog, winner get the book as a prize. He gave a very positive review for the book and he also reminded me that a movie based on the book is going to be released on March 23. So I was all itching to read it asap. I don’t want the movie to get ahead of the book to tell me the whole tale. But of course all this exams and assigments and requirements of patients to deal with were increasing in a worrying amount, gahhh. So The Hunger Games was left untouched.

What really urged me to eventually read the book in between threatening exams and taking care of the patients is when I googled about the upcoming movie and I found out that Josh Hutcherson is gonna play Peeta Mellark. This tiny information that did it. Cetek amat yaaa alasannya ternyataa hahahaaa.

My first impression upon the first pages of the book is that it’s beyond my imagination. I mean when I read some fictional books I usually imagine about how cool it would’ve been if it’s all real. Like Twilight hahaa. Or even Harry Potter. That somewhere in this planet there’s really a sparkling dazzling vampire or a magnificent old Hogwarts hidden (sering kebayang seandainya bisa, mau deh ngambil S2 di Hogwarts). But The Hunger Games is something else entirely.

It’s not about the futuristic settings that I found hard to comprehend. It’s that I just can’t imagine that there will be a time where people all over the world are shut in a poverty, hunger, violence, and forced to watch their children kill each other as an entertainment purposes. And noone even bothered to lift a finger against it. It doesn’t make any sense. Ga masuk akal. Kalau sampai ada jaman dimana ada orang dibunuh didepan publik dan gaada yang protes, berarti kayanya dikit lagi kiamat deh. But of course as more pages went on, it’s evident that Suzanne Collins won’t dissappoint the readers.

I don’t wannabe a spoiler. All I can say is the plot is a lot more intricate than I’d ever had estimated and that The Hunger Games is completely different than the stuffs I usually read (I'm referring to Miiko here hahahaa and The Hunger Games is about war). Well, it sometimes reminds me of Musashi, maybe because of the violence in them. The good thing is it has Peeta Mellark. You know, the lovey dovey type of guy I usually fall for. Without Peeta Mellark, I think The Hunger Games would’ve been all so much about tragical tragedy and hatred.

On the lighter note. Cape yah inggrisan hihi, mana belepotan lagi. Gapapa dong yang penting ngerti kan bacanyaaa hahaahaha. Sekarang pake bahasa ibu dulu.  Josh Hutcherson. Udah mulai suka dari jaman pertama kali liat di Little Manhattan. Terus gedean liat lagi di Journey To The Center of The Earth. Kebayang dia sebagai Peeta Mellark makin lahh berlipat gantengnya. Edward? Edward who? Hahaha ga deng, tetep lah cinta sama Edward. Mana sini yang berani ngatain yayang Edward!

Dan yang lagi jadi songs on replay diantaranya ada Safe And Sound-nya Taylor Swift (ost-nya The Hunger Games), video klipnya lagu ini si Taylor cakep banget persis barbie, walaupun aku lebih suka music video yang ada alur ceritanya, bukan yang sepanjang video cuman jalan-jalan tebar pesona gitu. Kalo video lagi suka Ours-nya Taylor Swift, lagi-lagi hehe. Ada ceritanya walaupun sederhana banget, terus cowonya juga unyu, bolak-balik diplay lagi kan jadinya. 

Terus ada juga A Thousand Years-nya Christina Perri. Entah kenapa ga rela deh lagu ini dijadiin soundtracknya Breaking Dawn part 1 (apa gara-gara menurutku filmnya jelek banget kali yahh). Lebih cocok dijadiin soundtracknya The Hunger Games hahahahaa mentang-mentang lagi mabok The Hunger Games nih. Video klipnya juga jeleeekk. Maksa banget itu potongan-potongan scene dari Breaking Dawn dimasukin kesitu. Jelas-jelas banget keliatan kalo beda lokasi, beda theme, beda deh, ga nyambung. Mending gausah dimasukin sekalian potongan-potongan scene-nya.

Ih betewe aku usil banget yah, komentaaaar aja! Pedahal kan suka-suka sutradaranya ya mau bikin video kaya apa, kenapa akunya yang repot hahaaha. Namanya juga mulut cewe, calon mulut ibu-ibu kompleks kan, semuaaaaaa dikomentarin hahahaa.

PS: barusan liat trailernya The Hunger Games. Kok agak kurang gimana gitu yaa. Yah kalo gitu let's set the expectation low, just in case.

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