Saturday, April 4, 2009

being shallow

Oh my God. Have you ever met someone who never had a self-actualization?? I’ll tell you how it feels. It’s totally annoying.

It’s like you’d never been appreciated when you was in wherever you came from. And when you reached this whereabouts, your head turned so BIG, like you’re the it girl. Well, you’re NOT obviously.

It’s so ridiculous hearing you blow your own horn, like you’d done such really classy job while you HADN’T.

I’t’s like you’ve never been reputed beautiful, sophisticated, dazzling, or fabulous. It’s like you’ve been invisible all the time, and now suddenly when people starts recognizing you, please note, just recognizing you, and then you start thinking that you’re some kind of miss universe.

Maybe you think that I’m jealous. Not even close. I’m so fed up with all of your glory of your “actualization”. All that actualization you have right now, I had it like since centuries ago. And I even never mentioned it. Well, a.k.a: BIASA AJA KALEEE.

Okay. I got to be calmed down. Haha. Every now and then you show-off, I’ll just ketawa pake idung. Hahaha.

No no no. I’m just being a stupid petty. I mean, what’s wrong with being a non self-actualization? Memangnya kenapa kalau belum mencapai aktualisasi diri? Memangnya kenapa kalau merasa bangga dengan diri sendiri? Aku tidak boleh berpikiran picik dan dangkal. Tidak ada salahnya punya teman yang bisa bangga dengan dirinya sendiri. I’m just being shallow. Duuhh-uh.

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