Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hormones To Blame

Geez, I was such a melodramatic queen in my last post hahahh. Well, blame the pre menstrual syndrome hormones hahahaa!

I'm in a better mood now. I am not saying that I eventually get over that bloody scandal. Yet. Like I said, it changes the way I feel about them.

For example, I was all excited and planning to make a custom made t-shirt for Breaking Dawn part II. You know, t-shirt yang ada gambar muka yayang Robert gitu dehh haha tapi ga deng, tulisan doang deh. Soalnya kalo foto muka nanti gaada yang mau nemenin aku nonton kalo aku pake kaus kaya begitu hihihii. But now I'm not sure if I wanna watch the movie at all.

And I usually check on E!News and PopSugar all the time but now I don't. And I have to hide my New Moon and Eclipse movie guide because I can't even look at them in the eyes.

I don't wanna judge miss KS but you know what? People always judge. So do I. But I'm not gonna say anything about her. What do I know? I've never been in her expensive shoe.

But yes I have a few words for Robert. Robert baby, you know if you need a shoulder to cry on, mine is all yours.

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