Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aku iri

I envy the ones whose families and themselves have been waking up in the morning, prefectly healthy.

I envy the ones whose families are around, all complete.

I envy the ones who have small fortune.

I envy the ones who had met their “the one”.

Is it wrong? To envy?

I AM very very grateful for the things I’ve had, seen, and felt.

But WHY it’s always not enough? Am I greedy?

I always want more. And more. And more.

I want someone. Not only for me. But also for my sister. She’s so frail, fragile, vulnerable. She needs someone. She needs it much more than I do. I am stronger, strong enough to live this hard life all by myself. I hope.

I’ve lived my life. I’d give her arm and leg. If I have to.

I’d give her my one. If I have to.

But I’m not a saint. I wanna have an happily ever after. And I want that for my whole family, too. Would You?Please.

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