Sunday, June 28, 2009

quick update: cute baby harlow and her hot dad!

i'd just joined twitter 2 days ago..hahaaa..i know i know..i'm so not up 2 date..but hey, i've joined anyway..

and these are my first four favorites tweets, the all four are from joel madden:

JoelMaddenWhy is it that i can't sleep. And i constantly have to go in and check on harlow when i can't sleep, but if i wake her up MOM will be Pissed

JoelMaddenSerioulsy sometimes i just wanna wake her up and hangout. She's my little best friend.But just like her mom she likes to sleep more than me

JoelMaddenI'm not the best dad, but i def put more effort into being dad then i ever have at anything else. Nothing is more important than my kids

JoelMaddenAnd for the record. I'm an alright dad. Its Nicole that is the super MOM. She does all the hard stuff, and makes me look good. 100% Goodnite

Wow, joel. you're hot. you're a dad. and those tweets officially made you a hot-super-dad. it's good to see a superstar-rocker-dad like you still spare times for your kid.

and fyi, it's joel's twitter profile pic

Awwwww.... isn't it sweet? and baby harlow winter kate madden you're so super super cute, sugar!

Really wish I'll have someone like joel madden eventually!


Handika Aditya said...

Ha ha, telat bikin twitter yah? ga apa2 koq. Gw juga dulu telat dibanding temen2 gw. Susah berpaling dari blogger & facebook soalnya ;)
btw Mdh2an doanya yg terakhir itu terkabul, amin.

nindya aydnina said...

so sweet :)

karl's sweet child said...

ih lucu banget ya..

thanks for following my blog yaa :)

karl's sweet child said...

eh tambahan..

you can use any camera you have, its not about the camera..its about the man behind the camera :)

Atika Jasmine said...

first, i dont think joel could be a good dad. but now, i think he could. oh, and harlow is cuuuute ;p