Sunday, April 1, 2012

Leave Them Alone

Seriously? Oh, come on guys. You know, I've been holding this for a while, but it's reaaally getting on my nerves!

1. First thing. What is wrong with Twilight, Edward, Bella, Robert, or Kristen? If you guys don't like them, it's all right I don't care. Dikatain vampir gay, apalah, terserah deh. I am fully understand that Twilight is girlish, makanya aku juga akan heran kalo ada cowo yang suka sama Twilight. Tapi helloooowww kan banyak gitu yah film dan buku lain yang much mooore awful daripada Twilight, lah ini kenapa Twilight yang dijadiin bulan-bulanan. Ihh bete. Apalagi cowo-cowo kalo udah ngatain Edward, minta ampun yaaa. He's just a small fraction of girls's imagination. Besides he's just a fictional character for God sake. So why so insecure? Aku aja yang nontonin Transformers dan Harry Potter nyadar kalo Megan Fox dan Emma Watson itu cantik jelita but I don't end up throwing off offensive comments about them! Robert Pattinson salah apa sik dikatain muluu. Dan aku berani taruhan, sebagian besar orang yang ngatain Twilight itu bahkan belom baca bukunya. Idiiiiihhh baca dulu kaliiii baru komentar! Bikin emosi jiwa raga kan jadinya. Just leave them alone!

2, Second thing. It's Justin Bieber. Alright, alright I know he is really a girlish thing, big time. And he looks a lot like a girl. So I completely understand why people always say that he's not even a gay but a lesbian. But come on, guys. He sings easy listening songs, his voice is not so bad, he doesn't do drugs, he makes ay lot of freaking money, he even does charity. And he also dates Selena Gomez (which is a pretty hot chick if you ask me). So guys, just stop it. Stop making fun of him. Well, I know it's a hard thing to do but at least give it a try! He has done nothing wrong. Just leave the kid alone!

3. Third thing. Fernando Torres. Yeah yeah I know. He left Liverpool he's such a lousy traitor. All this never-score-a-goal thing is kinda served him right, and go ahead, you can mock him all you want. But come on, guys. Don't you think he'd had enough already? Give him a break. Leave him alone!

Oh, well. Am I having a PMS or whaaat? Hahaha. Ah, it's 3 in the morning. Happy birthday to me, I guess.

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