Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How You Turn Algebra Into A Poem

My mind was kinda like going everywhere today. I ended up into something unexpected: a poem. A very amusing one. Hahahaa. For you information, I didn't write this poem for sure. Mia Thermopolis did. Though Mia flunked in Algebra, she still managed to turn it into a poem. And it just somehow came into my mind.

Oh, Michael
You have made my heart
a disjoint partition.
Why can't you see
that we were meant to be
a universal set?
Instead, you have turned my soul
into a collection of non-empty subsets.
I cannot believe
that our love was meant to be

pairwise disjoint.
But rather
a union
equal to the set of
U and me.

by Mia Thermopolis for Michael Moscovitz

Dan karena aku merasa lebih dapet lucunya kalo baca versi bahasa Indonesianya, so here we go.

Oh, Michael
Kau telah membuat hatiku
menjadi bagian yang terpisah-pisah.
Tidakkah kau lihat
kita seharusnya menjadi bagian yang menyatu
Namun kau malah membuat jiwaku 
menjadi bilangan yang memiliki anggota.
Aku tak percaya
cinta kita harus berpasangan namun tidak menyatu
Sebab aku yakin
cinta kita merupakan kesatuan sama dengan pasangan
kau dan aku.

Aku dulu ketawa banget baca puisi ini. And I used to love Michael, too. He has IQ of 170, plays guitar, incredibly genius at computer, and has this manly tall posture. Is there really such guy in the real life? Don't think so :P

Oh Michael..

PS: I might be translate the poem wrong. So, feel free to correct the translation :D

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