Friday, December 10, 2010

What I Believe

Before three years ago, I was still like..
"But I was young, I was in love with the idea of love." said Rosalie Hale.
But three years ago I had turned into something like this..
"There's no such thing as love. It's a fantasy." said Summer Finn.
Of course I don't fully share Summer's belief. But a part of me does.

You know, when I was an artless unadorned sweet little girl, I watched disney's classic ay-lot. Way too much than my mental health could bear, I was intoxicated. I grew into a naïve daydreamer young girl. I believed and I always yearned that someday I'll be married to the most eligible bachelor in town. Or that someday I'll meet the one and we'll fall in love and he'll marry me and we'll live happily ever after. Wow what a thought, huh? (I am now realized that it's a bit more complicated than that in the real life).

But then three years ago, a very good friend of mine told me, "Yang bisa bener-bener sayang dan cinta sama kita cuman orangtua dan keluarga. Aku ga percaya pacar bisa begitu." Maybe they're not the exact words, but it pretty much something like that.

And then BAM, those words simply changed me. That one sentence changed my way of thinking and turned me into a skeptical non-believer young lady. I couldn't agree more with her. There"ll be noone could ever love us like our parents do. Woro Pradono, a mother, once said,
"Please bare in your mind forever, Mommy loves you (and your upcoming little brothers/sisters who wait up there) so so much. I’d die for you in literally and unconditionally,  Mommy pernah sekali bertaruh nyawa melahirkan kamu dan samasekali tidak akan berkeberatan untuk sekali lagi berada di posisi itu apapun kondisinya."
Whoa. Now that is the love I'm talking about. I believe that every mother feels just the same. And I think there's no love could ever beat that kind of love.

But, please keep this in mind, I never meant to belittle a lover's love or a boy's feeling towards a girl. I've been there done that so I'm sure that all the young couples in the whole world do mean their love. It just depends on how they define that one word. Yeah when we really like someone so much and wanna be with him/her, then most people would think that the word love could pretty much represent all those feelings.

And now I had come into this, that I'll only use that magic word more wisely, and not to easily say it to some guy I just met. Gosh I can NOT believe I've just written something about love, yuck!! For me it sounds SO cheesy when you say that word too much hahahaa :P

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