Thursday, September 6, 2012

Veronica Roth: Insurgent

Okay. So I've just finished reading Insurgent like an hour ago. I want to write a fresh review, you know, right after I finished reading the book.

1. The Factions
Insurgent picked up exactly where Divergent left off. That's a little unusual than the book series I'd read. There's usually a time gap between the current book with its predecessor. And there's no recap about the previous story. So if you read Divergent the year before, then you're screwed hahahh.

I previously stated that I found the faction system is impossible. It's difficult to believe that there's even a chance for that kind of world to exist. You can't just divide the world's population into five categories and force people to fit into it. The faction system feels primitive to me. It might've been more believable if the time setting is in the past, you know, like when racism was still the ideology of the month.

Roth is obviously trying to rationalize and sell us the faction system but it's a really hard concept to sell. Believability is really important here because if you don't believe that the existence of this faction system is possible, then you'll be having a hard time to understand the story and sympathize with the character and the conflicts they're dealing with.

But maybe you'll get it over with and just swallow the story. Like I did, haha.

2. The Plot
If Divergent is felt more like Sky High, Insurgent is felt more like Mockingjay. I think. It mostly about Tris and Tobias traveled to another factions looking for allies, there's sometimes gun fights or some other war stuffs.

And Roth is also clearly trying to explore the depth of the relationship between Tris and Tobias. I don't know why but I don't think she succeeded because their relationship still doesn't rub off on me. I still feel plain. I don't see sparks flying when I read the romance part about them.

And the plot itself is confusing. It's intricate and there are lot of new characters you've gotta keep track and you're not sure which one to trust. And also there's this super top secret about what actually is there outside the fence. It's not the type of plot that would arouse your curiosity. It's the kind of plot that confuses you and makes you wanna scream," just tell me what the f is all that about!"

And the top secret Marcus's been holding from everyone all the time and he insisted on showing it rather than just telling it? Ugh I think the secret is kept that long just to make the readers keep on reading until the last page. And why would Marcus took all the trouble to show that secret when he could've just told it already?

3. The Super Secret
Okay I know this review is full of spoilers but this one I'm about to spill is kinda huge, so if you stumbled on this review but actually you still wanna read the book, maybe you should stop right here.

Oh. So you're staying. Have it your way, then. So the point of the faction system is somehow to purify the humanity because the world outside the fence is full of chaotic and destruction. I'm not really sure how that's gonna work. And when suddenly the acknowledgement rolled down I was like, "What the hell? You gotta be kidding me! Wait, really? Is that it?? God unbelievable!" Yeah. True story.

If someone asks me whether or not I'm gonna read the next book, well I'm gonna say yes. Because I've already come this far and I clearly have no choice but just to keep going! The third book will be released on the Fall 2013. Still there's much time the get over this disappointment!

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