Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In The Middle of A Long Lasting Drizzle

Well, hello there March!

Sebenernya aku gaada cerita apa-apa buat ditulis, cuman karena lagi masuk bulan baru aja makanya pingin nulis postingan baru hehee. Nah ngomongin tumblr aja deh yah.


So, earlier today I found out that a few friends of mine had made themselves a blog at tumblr. I have one, too. I mean a blog at tumblr, duhh. But people, I chose not to use it. Why? Good question. Well, because:

I think tumblr is, in general, pretty much a blog, is it not? Conventional blogs are used to filled with journals, daily stories, thoughts, articles, well they're basically filled with texts. But when I went tumblr-walking, I realized that most people filled their tumblr pages with photos and quotes and sketches, or reposted photos and quotes and sketches. And nothing is wrong with that.

I, on the other hand, don't have any gadget qualifies as a proper camera because I guess camera-phone doesn't count. And I don't write quotes, either. And I obviously don't do sketches, my sense of art is practically dull hahahaa. So, I left my tumblr empty. You know, because I don't want to merely repost someone else's photos or quotes or sketches. What's the point in that, seriously. Tho I can't deny that the photos and sketches on tumblr are awfully breathtaking.

If one day I have the chance to have my own camera, maybe I'll start using my tumblr. Fill it with my own photos. Or maybe fill it up with my self-made quotes (or maybe not, orang ngasi judul postingan aja harus bertapa dulu, gimana mau bikin quote hahahaha).

And just like I said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with reposting. I sometimes repost. But for specifically me, filling up my own blog with myself is much much more preferable. Hahaha narsis abis ye. Gapapa dong, blog aku ini hihihi. So, keep on tumblr-ing, people!! Oyasuminasai!

PS: I like quotes but I hate kata-kata mutiara. Emang beda? Buat saya beda. Bedanya apa sodara-sodara? Kata-kata mutiara bersifat menasehati, sotoy dan ngeselinnya bener. Quotes sih arti harafiahnya kutipan ya. Dan kutipan ga selalu nasehat isinya. Gituu. Yah, I know. PS yang ga penting hahahaha.

PS 2: Gyaaaaahh ini udah jam 12.01!! Udah ga tanggal 1 dong yahh. Aku mundurin aja deh waktu publishnya hehehee.

PS 3: Setelah aku baca lagi postingan diatas.. ebuset ngomong apa sih aku?? Hahahahaaa

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